MyDataModels is among the 4 sample vendors chosen by Gartner for its “Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2020.”

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MyDataModels’ SaaS solutions based on its data-frugal artificial intelligence algorithm are named as references in Gartner’s Artificial Intelligence 2020 report.

MyDataModels is a company that has succeeded in making machine learning for frugal data straightforward. It announces that it has been recognized as a reference company in Gartner’s July 27, 2020 Hype Cycle report, “Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2020”. Gartner also listed the company in the following categories: Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies, Enterprise Information Management.

A nice story

MyDataModels was founded in 2018. Its mission is to make Machine Learning simple and easily accessible to anyone with small amounts of data, i.e., a few hundred rows in a spreadsheet. The company’s flagship product, TADA™, immediately provides an analysis highlighting the relationships between the data provided as input and the data being analyzed. Furthermore, the tool identifies, among several hundred columns, the 4 or 5 columns that impact the data analyzed. This tool supports medical researchers, logistics, and distribution teams who have to make decisions based on raw data that is unusable as is. MyDataModels’ web and mobile applications enable cross-industry teams to swiftly investigate market opportunities, identify critical information hidden in their data, and minimize the uncertainty that results from making decisions at the beginning or during a project.

What is the Gartner Hype Cylcle?

Gartner’s Hype Cycles provide a graphical representation of the growth and adoption of technologies and their applications – and how they can be relevant to solving real-world business problems and exploiting new opportunities. Gartner’s Hype Cycles methodology provides insight into how a technology or application will evolve, providing a reliable source of information for managing its deployment in the context of specific business targets. Gartner chose only four other companies in the same category: Diveplane, Google (Cloud AI), Landing AI, and OWKIN.

Disrupting an industry ripe for…Transformation

MyDataModels simplifies decision-making based on operational data. In a few clicks, we can understand the critical information hidden in our data, make choices, and move forward. How do we do it? Through intuitive mobile apps that help companies streamline data analysis, discover insights, and make operational decisions. Powered by the TADA™ product, MyDataModels immediately provides a pertinent view of the data at hand to explore and guide business decisions in a more innovative way. Customers get actionable insights and early warning signals to understand, anticipate and solve problems – anywhere, anytime. MyDataModels’ customers are in the automotive, healthcare, industrial, and technology sectors. 

Being named one of the top four vendors in this year’s Gartner 2020 Hype Cycle report reinforces MyDataModels’ ongoing progression in the operational artificial intelligence world. Throughout our growth, our company has embraced agile innovation cycles to deliver innovative products. It has been built on the trust and support of its customers.

“Improved data understanding and risk reduction are significant benefits of frugal data-driven artificial intelligence. We are thrilled to be listed by Gartner. The trust our customers places in us humbles us. It is what makes everything possible. “

– Alain Blancquart, CEO of MyDataModels



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