New York University and MyDataModels: a win-win partnership

MyDataModels and NYU partnership

Jabril Bensedrine* & Christopher Policastro*, professors at NYU and involved into the Technology Management & Innovation Engineering track, recently hosted Vincent ALCOUFFE, from MyDataModels, for a series of lectures related to “making data analytics & predictive modeling simple for non-data experts”.

Both Jabril & Chris were looking for a simple yet high performing tool like TADA®, for last years students to use during their graduate capstone project.The purposes of the lectures were two fold: for one , educate on problems on how to extract value from data- in particular small data. Secondly, introduce some simple machine learning concepts as a foundation to the TADA® tool demo, such that students get ramped as fast as possible.

Chris said ” NYU is very appreciative of the partnership with TADA to facilitate project based learning at NYU Engineering — especially the training sessions”

*Christopher research interests are in Data Sicence & applied mathematics.

*Jabril is a strategy & business development adviser and is passionate about Industry4.0, healthcare and life science

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