MyDataModels received the Innovation Euronaval Seannovation Prize

MyDataModels proudly received the “Innovation Euronaval Seannovation” prize during the Euronaval show that was held last October in Paris.

More precisely, MyDataModels was awarded with the “Operational need answer” prize that recognized the quality of our technology and its relevance to answer to Defense needs. Out of 34 start-ups in competition, the jury distinguished the accuracy and actionability of MyDataModels’ technology to answer modern Defense challenges.

Innovating in submarine operations is becoming a major issue for the Defense sector, as the Baltic sea gas pipeline sabotages or the attacks on telecommunication infrastructure showed us in the last months. In that context, the jury recognized the quality of our Small Data approach for operational needs on projects such as Blueguard, led by our partners at Thales.

Blueguard is an intelligent system prototype to monitor submarine approaches. It aims to detect submarine intrusions on sensitive facilities, using our AI-based innovative technology to classify the risks. The main difficulty is that data is scarce in such use cases, which is why our Small data approach is relevant to build accurate, actionable predictive models that can be integrated into submarine drones.

This prize confirms our engagement as an innovative Defense company, as we recently joined La Place Stratégique, a French incubation program to promote strategic industrial innovation


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