SCS cluster: the six “Innovative SME Digital South” of 2018

The six winners of the contest “Innovative SME Digital South 2018” received their awards at Sophia Antipolis. are MyDataModels (Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis) for AI / Big Data; Bynd (Marseille) for “Cybersecurity / Digital Security”; BioceanOr (Valbonne) and Beelife (Aix-en-Provence) for IoT; EasyGaN (Valbonne) for Microelectronics; I-MC (Marseille) for the industry of the future and laboratory and industrial collaboration.

These are the six champions of the SCS Cluster (Secure Communication Solutions) in its areas of predilection: MyDataModels (Valbonne) for AI/Big Data; Bynd (Marseille) for “Cybersecurity/Digital Security”, BiOCeanOr (Valbonne) and Beelife (Aix-en-Provence) for IoT, EasyGaN (Valbonne) for Microelectronics, I-MC (Marseille) for the electronics industry future, I-MC which also receives the special prize “Laboratory and Industrial Collaboration”. These six prize-winning startups, awarded at the “Innovative SME Digital South 2018” competition, received their award on Wednesday 19 December 2018 as part of the event “The International Startup Seminar” that the SCS Cluster organized in the premises of Amadeus Sophia Antipolis. Discover or rediscover these winners who shared a little over 16,000 euros in prize money. (Photo @ DR: the winners with Françoise Bruneteaux – center, 4th Vice President of the South Region, delegate for the digital economy and new technologies)

MyDataModels – the most innovative product or service in the field of AI/Big Data (prize awarded by Amadeus & Inria). Based in Valbonne, MyDataModels develops and markets an automated machine learning software platform for professionals wishing to build predictive models without Machine Learning or programming skills.

Bynd (Marseille), product or the most innovative service in the field of Digital Security / Cybersecurity (prize awarded by Gemalto & CEA). Bynd transforms the experience of medical biology laboratories through the alliance of new technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Its platform digitizes, centralizes and personalizes information for biologists, patients and doctors, to improve communication between these actors, secure exchanges, assist diagnosis and reduce risk.

BioceanOr (Valbonne) and Beelife (Aix-en-Provence) for the most innovative product or service in the field of IoT (prize awarded by Docapost & Mines Saint Etienne). BioceanOr with its connected underwater weather station is in charge of opening a dialogue with the oceans. The company has developed innovative solutions for real-time data and water quality prediction to provide the first connected underwater weather station. Aquaculture is the target market for products and services.

Beelife is developing an isolated, autonomous and connected beehive capable of treating Varroa (destructive parasite) with a purely biological weapon: heat (patent pending). CoCoon helps bees live longer in good health and beekeepers harvest more honey.

EasyGaN (Valbonne) for the most innovative product or service in the field of Microelectronics (prize awarded by STMicroelectronics & Aix-Marseille University). The company offers templates, or substrates allowing easy access to the industry Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN on Si). Its solution allows new entrants to bypass the technological barriers inherent to the growth of GaN on Si. This generic technology makes it possible to address various electronic and optoelectronic markets and applications.

I-MC (Marseille) for the most innovative product or service in the field of Industry of the Future (prize awarded by HPE & Eurecom). I-MC develops a robotic control solution to control and correct the in-situ fabrication of a part quickly and accurately. It involves implanting in front of one or more machine tools, a platform (with an optical sensor, a 6-axis robot and a supervisor). The solution aims to improve overall manufacturing cycle time through a control-correction loop on the production tool.

The Special Prize awarded by the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur has also returned to I-MC. This prize rewards the most innovative product or service in the field of Digital, developed by a laboratory/company collaboration.


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