AI for a Bright Future of Work Decisions

Future of Work

The recent rise of Artificial Intelligence sparked a lot of heated debates about the future of work. Will robots replace us? Are we going to be in a Wall-E-like situation where machines do everything? Does this mean the end of work? Such scenarios are mostly science fiction for now, not all jobs will be automated. But in the near future, jobs whose tasks can be automated and whose trades have experienced the greatest decrease in numbers over the last few years will tend to be automated. However, as of today, Artificial Intelligence is already impacting the way people work – and helping business experts all over the world.

First, let’s remember that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning mimic human activity for specific tasks by learning through data analysis. As most of us complete various tasks every working day, a single Artificial Intelligence cannot perform everything people do at work. Replacing a business expert with AI would require at least 20 different artificial intelligences to handle the work.

So, even though some jobs will suffer from the rise of AI, the future of work looks bright. AI will bring new efficient ways of working for business experts.

Automating tedious tasks, one task at a time

By design, Most Artificial Intelligence systems conduct one specific task that they learnt through data analysis. When Artificial Intelligence systems are well-trained, they can execute these tasks much more efficiently than a Human Being. With a proper use of these systems, Business experts can automate tedious, time-consuming tasks to focus on their core expertise. 

For instance, quality engineers must identify defective parts on a production batch. It’s an important task, but it’s very time-consuming and it’s only a part of their work. They then must identify the causes of the defections and ensure they don’t repeat by adapting the production process. 

AI systems such as MyDataModels’ algorithm can detect defective parts with tabular data analysis. We recently worked on such a use case. In one day, our Decision Intelligence Platform identified the 3 main reasons why parts were defective and proposed scenarios to reduce this number. 

By doing so, our customers’ quality engineers focused on changing the processes to reduce incoming defective parts rather than counting the past ones.

New insights, new ways of working

Using Artificial Intelligence systems will also help business experts find new insights, think out of the box and save a lot of time. The algorithm can come up with insights in 30 minutes whereas a data scientist would come up with them in weeks. Experience-related biases can explain why people miss some insights when analyzing Small Data. Algorithms don’t have such biases. This is why they can discover patterns and insights that seasoned professionals might miss.

For instance, analyzing customer surveys with AI helped an Internet Service Provider discover the key reasons why customers would recommend their services. Surprisingly, high quality installation service had no impact on customer recommendation. They adapted their partnership and resell programs to reduce their costs and focus their efforts on the key drivers of customer recommendation, i.e. the quality and stability of broadband.

Moreover, as Agile methodologies, sprints or Test & Learn methods get more popular in the work organization, Artificial Intelligence systems designed for Small Data will provide the fast, actionable insights that companies at the cutting edges need to grow efficiently.

Decision Intelligence Platforms empower business experts to analyze the data they use and discover new insights by themselves without the support of engineers or data analysts. As they have regular access to new Small Data sets, business experts get fresh insights to feed their work with such platforms.

By working with AI-based tools, companies will define the future of work. Our customized Decision Intelligence Platforms help them get the best of their Small Data and gain business value everyday. So, if you are looking to work more efficiently and discover new insights, book a meeting now!


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