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MyDataModels (MDM) is an advanced startup that has developed Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) solutions that are sold as software as a service (SaaS). MDM’s SaaS product, called TADA is sold as an annual subscription. The entire sales and onboarding process is conducted online via MDM’s web site. MDM has just completed a second Seed financing round with 2.5m € and plans to do an A-Round this year.

TADA has a number of features that make the product unique and MDM a disruptor in the AI/ML industry. (1) With its proprietary and patented algorithms, TADA can deliver accurate and reliable predictions even with very small data sets – as opposed to competitive solutions that require big data. (2) TADA is extremely simple and user-friendly – no data science know how is required. (3) TADA is highly interpretable, which means its analytical insights lead to better business decisions.

With these unique features, MDM has the ambition to revolutionize and democratize the AI/ML and business analytics market. Eighty-five percent of company data is small data that until now has not been suitable for AI/ML analytics. There are 27 million Excel users, many of whom have analytical tasks but no access/knowledge to AI/ML tools. TADA opens huge opportunities for new user segments and use cases.


TADA is targeting two user groups: (1) individual users/accounts sold directly online to individual users/accounts. These are sold directly online with online marketing. (2) Large corporate accounts with sales of bundled packages. The latter are divided into two types:

  1. Integration Partners (Resellers)
  2. Lighthouse Partners (Heavy users)

Integration Partners (IP): These are primarily IT consultancies and business analytics/intelligence (BI) solution/software providers. IPs provide BI solutions/software to their clients, often enhanced with AI/ML modules. Examples are IT consultancies like Accenture, Capgemini, IBM, the Big 4, etc. TADA can add additional unique functionality to the solution packages bundled and sold to the IPs’ clients. In addition, there are vendors of BI software that could enhance their offering through integration with TADA. Examples include Tableau, MSBI, Salesforce, etc.

There are two different ways to do this: (1) the IP offers TADA subscription and client integration as a part of a product/package (MDM sells the product and the IP receives a share of revenue). (2) The IP integrates TADA into its own software suite as a white label solution (revenue goes to IP and is shared with MDM).

Lighthouse Partners (LP): MDM is mainly targeting companies that have a large proportion of analytical work in the delivery of their products/services. These are mainly (business) consultancies, market research companies, scientific research companies etc. Examples are McKinsey, the Big 4, Gallup market research, etc.

The task for the VP Partner Sales (VPPS) is to set up and manage a Direct Partner Sales department within MDM. The VPPS needs to:

  • Develop a direct sales strategy and prioritized target list
  • Identify direct sales channels and execute through them
  • Drive within MDM the development and integration of Partner solutions/interfaces based on the TADA product.
  • Efficiently build and manage a small department, to grow with increasing sales

The VPPS initially reports directly to the CEO.

The compensation is as follows:

  • EUR 75,000 fix.
  • Up to EUR 45,000 bonus if 100% of annual target is achieved (= EUR 120,000 total).
  • The bonus is not capped. In case of overperformance, total comp can go > EUR 120,000.

Candidate Profile

  • Experience in software sales
  • Seniority and network to open doors with large clients/partners (esp. among the potential partners listed above)
  • Ability to build a team
  • Results-driven and entrepreneurial 
  • Right mindset to work at a startup 

To apply to this position, please send an email with your resume and cover letter to – ref VPPS

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