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As a leader in Augmented Analytics, we provide an easy-to-use
AI-Driven predictive modeling solution truly efficient on Small Data.

We grant machine learning access to every professional in every domain, with no coding nor machine learning skills required

Why? Because like no-one on the market, our patented technology can work with as little as 30 data points. Like no-one on the market, our technology is able to select automatically the best machine learning model among an infinity of models. Like no-one on the market, MyDataModels can run its prediction in any environment would it be at the Edge e.g. in an Industrial Robot or Embedded e.g. in the microcontroller of a coffee machine.

“We help professionals to finally extract value from their operational datasets.”
Mathieu Zamanian, CEO, MyDataModels


MyDataModels solutions are built with an inclusive vision of our field of expertise. 

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We value talents and give them environment to express themselves and strive.


Sharing allows us to work better, as a company we’ll go further, as individuals we’ll grow

Embedded Small Data


MyDataModels develops core technologies allowing breakthrough and new usages, with no limitations but our imagination. 


Our technologies save energy consumption, our carbon footprint is limited as we do not require intense GPU and electricity usage

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MyDataModels gathers highly skilled and experienced professionnals. They bring their vision, known how and insights to the development of the company...

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We're hiring! Join an empowering team in full autonomy and responsability and build with us the future of AI and AutoML...


Investing in MyDataModels, is setting standards for years to come and participation in the future of technology.





Dr Marc Schoenauer

Research Director at INRIA

Dr Hendrik Brandis

Partner and co-founder at Earlybird


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