Investing in MyDataModels, is setting standards for years to come and participation in the future of technology. We lead the Automated Machine Learning trend, to enable all professionals with limited or no programming nor ML skills to build and run easily their own predictive models, on site. 


Présidée par Hugues Le Maire

January 2022 - € 3 Million.
MyDataModels raises €3 Million in post-seed funding from major private investoors.
December 2020 - € 2,5 Million.
MyDataModels raises €2,5 Million from Earlybird – historic investor - Speedinvest and Région Sud Investissements to support its strong international growth.
January 2019 - € 1 Million.
MyDataModels raises €1 Million from Earlybird to make Machine Learning accessible to non-data scientists.

While we see multiple solutions for data scientists and big datasets, there is huge untapped potential for predictive models based on small datasets created by a mainstream of users with little to no data science knowledge. MyDataModels addresses this enormous opportunity with its innovative solution led by a team of experienced repeat entrepreneurs. ​

Hendrik Brandis, Partner at Earlybird


MyDataModels is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mathieu Zamanian as Chief Executive Officer

We are delighted to have Mathieu on board and welcome him to MyDataModels. Mathieu's extensive experience in developing unique technologies will drive the company's expansion strategy....
MyDataModels and NYU partnership

New York University and MyDataModels: a win-win partnership

MyDataModels was hosted at NYU by professors Jabril Bensedrine and Christopher Policastro for a series of lectures on Data Analysis...
Loamics and MyDataModels

Loamics and MyDataModels have joined forces to launch an Augmented Analytics solution optimising data exploitation

Loamics and MyDataModels, two French deep tech start-ups, have teamed up to maximise the value and accessibility of data. ...