TADA® our  platform, your Digital Solution

Nearly all tools used by digital marketers have evolved dramatically over the past two years, consistently with the patterns of evolutions in digital marketing. Yet, reflective of the change of digital marketing, we at MyDataModels, think that digital marketers face the complicated challenge of keeping up-to-date while generating audience and conversions.

Throughout our collaborations with top digital agencies and marketers, the most common digital marketing problems have involved making optimal use of Google Analytics to increase audience and convert. Most marketers have reported these challenges.

And so, we offer TADA Digital Marketing, a solution for digital marketers to understand and increase their digital marketing performance. Within this dedicated solution, we embed TADA’s most advanced AI. With Google Analytics being the foremost tool for digital marketers, TADA Digital Marketing offers simple connectors to connect to it.

In a nutshell: TADA Digital Marketing is the perfect AI solution to help digital marketers increase their audience and conversions using Google Analytics.

After having shared with students, researchers, and teachers TADA for the past two years, we see that they have made good use of it and that it was a great way to contribute. So we feel great about it.

We have made TADA available to academics throughout our AI journey to increase AI literacy with a practical solution. Our next evolution of TADA, TADA Research and Education, continues to be available for academics — as it has been throughout MyDataModels journey.