Quaartz Professional is the augmented analytics solution designed to understand your data by modeling it. It can spark exchanges within your team and helps you share your analysis. 

Quaartz Professional is a tool tailored for domain experts with existing clean data.

Domain experts are the main users of Quaartz Professional, though the data engineers and the data scientists are also keen on it. The scope consists in analyzing clean historical data and building a model to predict future data outcomes. 

There are three options for deployment models with security and complexity levels varying.

A SaaS deployment means we host the Quaartz platform for you. It is a great way to get started.

The PaaS deployment means hosting the Quaartz platform on your data provider’s cloud, a secured approach.

On-premises deployment means that Quaartz is at your premises and can be used in a secured mode “as a local tool.”

Using your data does matter and makes a difference.

Quaartz Enterprise, a 100% data, and AI pipeline provides a complete de facto solution for data collection, analysis, prediction, and deployment. It is approachable and straightforward to use. Its data management is comprehensive. As some organizations want to stretch their data usage into another phase, they can integrate their data collection, data lake, and predictions processes (including the management of algorithm drift). The Quaartz Enterprise solution provides a complete end-to-end platform to support their needs.

The Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers, and CxO positions are the main strategic data stakeholders of the data collection and prediction platforms. Given that Quaartz Enterprise is automatic, the enterprise-wide complete data pipeline provides insights and helps decision-making.

Quaartz Enterprise for HR

Human Resources and Management face a never-seen-before increase of employee turnover and absenteeism that disrupts their teams, increases their costs, and endangers their organization.

Quaartz Enterprise for HR helps companies anticipate and prevent avoidable turnover. It identifies employees most likely to leave up to 6 months in advance. Based on MyDataModels’ proprietary Explainable AI, Quaartz Enterprise for HR provides HR and Management with actionable insights and tailored recommendations to improve each employee’s wellbeing and maximize their engagement.

A GDPR-compliant software, Quaartz Enterprise for HR uses already available HRIS and payroll software data to build its insights. It can be operational within your organization in PaaS mode in 8 weeks.