Human Resources

Human Resources have always relied on data to improve recruitment processes, employee productivity and measure efficiency. Adding AI provides a new layer of actionable insights. Quaartz Enterprise gives HR and managers insights to tackle HR issues and find the best personnalized outcomes in a transparent, explainable way.
AI and Human Resources

Employees come and go, but when turnover and absenteeism rates are too high, companies must find new ways to personnalize their Human Resources policies to avoid talent leakage. Quaartz Enterprise gives them the keys to anticipate resignations and unplanned vacancies but also understand the underlying reasons. The results? Less turnover, more trust and improved margins.

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Reducing Employee Turnover with Predictive Analytics

With Predictive Analytics, businesses get better at anticipating and preventing employee turnover to reduce costs and improve margins....

Less Absenteeism, more engagement with Predictive Analytics

Absenteeism impacts employee engagement and performance. With HRIS data, Predictive Analytics identify absenteeism's root-causes to limit it....