ML and AI put Industry in motion. Intelligent data analytics use the high volumes of sensor data generated by a factory to forecast the future. It involves adopting analytics and machine learning to identify patterns and build predictive models. The data collected can then work to make the manufacturing processes more efficient. Real-time analytical techniques contribute many benefits to this.
Machine Learning for industry
Statistical models can help troubleshooting production bottlenecks, tracking scrap rates, meeting customer delivery dates. Time series sensor data are an excellent source that can serve for training machine learning models. Supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms can understand multiple production shifts' real-time data in seconds and identify previously hidden processes and workflow patterns. It is how prescriptive analytics plants are continually adapting to new circumstances.

AI for Gas Supply Chain Optimisation

Read this use case to understand how to anticipate the amount of gas to have readily available in storage at any one point in time?...
Landing helicopter

TADA predicts which material will be fire-resistant for helicopters passenger compartment

Can we predict which components to use with precision, in which proportions to create a new fire-resistant material, in a few days? ...
Wen testing a cosmetic formulation

R&D for cosmetic formulation

What if you could anticipate the future characteristics of a formulation before actual lab testing? Saving time and money on these strategic steps of product development could be a considerable asset....

Machine Learning for IoT applications

Is it possible to train and run predictive models based on historical Small Data in a small memory footprint and then embed it within an IoT device?...
failure prediction

Failure Prediction

Is it possible to avoid partially or even totally industry downtimes? Can they be anticipated by using machine learning? Can the machines be repaired before they break down?...
quality prediction

Quality Prediction

Can machine learning be used to identify young and inexpensive wines that could become the next showstoppers, i.e., the next Château Laffite Rothschild 1982?...
energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Prediction for cooling & heating load

If a new wall is added in the plan of the living room, what impact is it going to have on the heating bill? If a window is removed, what impact is it going to have on the cooling bill?...