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Forecast air pollution thanks to Machine Learning

How to predict carbon monoxide pollution and protect the people? Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas which is noxious when inhaled in large quantities. Car traffic and fossil fuels such as gas or petrol are the main producers of carbon monoxide which can also be caused by leaking fireplaces or badly ventilated heating systems. Breathing air with a high concentration of carbon monoxide reduces the quantity of oxygen that the blood [...]

Predict and prevent pollution peaks with AI

All around the world, urbanization acceleration and megalopolis development have well-documented consequences on ozone pollution. A consequence of the reaction of the sunlight on air containing hydrocarbon and nitrogen, ozone pollution has direct consequences on the respiratory systems of exposed persons. Artificial intelligence techniques can help meteorologists identify ozone pollution peaks quicker to prevent and limit health risks for [...]

Nitrogen dioxide pollution prediction with TADA

Public authorities can lower the impact of nitrogen dioxide on populations thanks to Machine Learning. A toxic, oppressive red-brown gas that smells acrid, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is the biggest pollutant of Earth atmosphere. It is mainly produced by thermal plants and combustion engines. Recent epidemiological studies have shown that bronchial symptoms for asthmatic children increase while lung functions decrease when exposed to NO2. Public [...]