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About Small Data
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How can predictive models help domain experts be better at what they do?

predictive model

A simple way to build a predictive model in a few clicks

Small Data

What is Small Data, and how can I use it for my company?

a woman is working on a dataset

How to prepare a DataSet?

Roi Data Analytics

Data Analytics, how can ROI benefit from it?

TADA Small Data predictive modeling software

Predictive Modeling Software

Data Science
A men typing in AI in a futuristic board

Artificial Intelligence: AI made simple

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What is Machine Learning? – Beginners Edition

Small Data + Unknown Data Distribution = Machine Learning?

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A short history of Evolutionary Algorithms

AI at my service

Sorting Algorithms

Multiclass Classification: Sorting Algorithms

Use cases
breast cancer

Breast Cancer Prediction for Improved Diagnosis

Doctor making research on Covid-19

Patients at risk of COVID-19 infection?

Landing helicopter

TADA predicts which material will be fire-resistant for helicopters passenger compartment

Doctor talking with a patient

Diagnose Uterus Cancer based on genes

Men looking at trends

Automating Insurance Claim with Machine Learning

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Digital Marketing: Uncovering Marketing Trends

White paper

Machine Learning and Cancer Researchers

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Understand Machine Learning metrics

TADA tutorials
TADA Small Data predictive modeling software

How to use TADA – Build predictive models in few clicks

Get started with TADA

How to get started?

project summary

How to use project summary section?

Data visualisation

Data visualization page

Create a goal

Create a goal

Variable set creation

How to create a variable set?