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What do a marketing manager, a meteorologist and a cancer researcher have in common? They do different jobs in different industries.

Yet, they all gather data from their daily activities. And they all store them in spreadsheets. Whether it is excel based or tableau based. 

And they need to extract meaningful insights from their data. The marketing manager needs to understand why some customers churn and others don’t. The meteorologist wants to know when a pollution peak is likely to issue a warning to the population. The cancer researcher wants to find which genes are relevant to her research among all 53 000.

These are typical uses of artificial intelligence. But none of them is a data scientist nor an AI researcher. 

That’s why at MyDataModels, we have designed Quaartz. To make the uses of artificial intelligence available to anyone. You can upload a spreadsheet into the tool in a few clicks, ask it to predict a variable based on this spreadsheet, and get a meaningful result. We have designed Quaartz with simplicity of use in mind. 

However, it is both simple to use and extremely powerful. The algorithms hidden behind the easy user interface are the results of ten years of research. They are patented. Whatever the AI technologies used behind the scene, whether neural networks or genetic algorithms, Quaartz appears simple for its users. 

Because we, at MyDataModels, have worked hard to hide its complexity and provide you with best in class Machine Learning algorithms. It allows you to expand your use of artificial intelligence to any data stored in a spreadsheet. Quaartz is the opposite of a complex wild artificial intelligence tool. It is a tamed AI at your service.

What can you do with it?

Here are various uses of artificial intelligence:

Detection: For instance, a doctor has gathered numerous pieces of information about a patient’s physical characteristics and symptoms. Quaartz can identify for each patient, whether they are sick with arthritis, AIDS, or malaria. 

Optimization. An architect wants to optimize the heating load for a new house to build. Quaartz can help him choose the right amount of wall and windows surface.

Prediction. Our meteorologist wants to predict whether a pollution peak will occur tomorrow. Quaartz can do it for him.

Valuation. A car dealer wants to sell a used car without wasting any time. Hence he needs to find the right market price. He enters his historical data into Quaartz, and Quaartz provides him with an objective valuation for the car. 

And in all these cases, Quaartz explains its results to its users. It explains which criteria it uses to build a prediction and how critical each criteria is in a simple bar chart.

Nothing wild or complicated about Quaartz. It is a virtual assistant in disguise for anybody using spreadsheets. It does not require large amounts of data to work well. A robust machine learning algorithm tamed and available behind an easy-to-use user interface for anyone to use. Quaartz: tamed AI at my service.

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