What is Quaartz?

TADA is an Artificial Intelligence software. It might be pretty intimidating, this is why we’ve built this guide to help you get started.
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Getting Started with Quaartz

How to get started with TADA? Read this article, we explain everything, even if you don’t available data at the time.
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How to prepare a Dataset?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning became key technologies for professionals and organizations to master, to stay in the game and ahead of the competition.
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How to create your first model?

How to create your very first predictive model? We wrote a step by step article to explain you how to get started!
TADA sensitivity analysis features

Sensitivity analysis made simple with Quaartz

Get interpretable and tangible results from your models! Thanks to TADA you can now know precisely which variable in your models is impacting your results. Sensitivity Analysis allows you to get a better understanding of your datasets.
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How can predictive models help domain experts be better at what they do?

In every department of an organization, domain experts can use TADA to build predictive models, get new insights and improve their daily operations.

How to make live prediction with Quaartz?

In short, the live predict feature allows you to simulate what would happen if the values of your data were different from the ones you have collected. You can do it as many times as you want.

How can I have interpretable results?

How can I interpret my predictive model result and what does it really mean? Read our article about interpretable model result to find out.
Model embedded into a device

How to deploy your predictive model?

Is it possible to embedded your predictive model directly into your app or into you device? Yes! Read our article and discover how.