How to deploy your predictive model?

Model embedded into a device

Can I have an operational model?

Now that a model that we understand and trust has been generated, how can we use it in an operational environment? Is it even possible to do so?

In fact, this model belongs to you. It was generated from your data. You are free to use it anyway you like. You are a real estate agent, you are evaluating the price of a new listing. You can use the live predict feature to estimate the impact of the distance to the metro. It works as a mobile app on your smartphone.

To allow the use of the model in operations, Quaartz generates the corresponding code. It is your choice to get this code in Python, C++ or Javascript.

What is the point of embedding my model?

If you want to embed our model into an embedded device that is autonomous, the best solution is to generate the code and integrate it with the software of the embedded device. Our operational models have been generated in code and are currently integrated into sensors, marine surveillance devices, submarines.

If you belong to the applications world, our code in Python or Javascript is for you. 

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