Evolutionary Algorithm for Classification

Ever wonder what was evolutionary algorithms and how they can help in classification? We explain you everything on this article!
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Artificial Intelligence: AI made simple

Artificial intelligence can be a difficult notion. We create this article to make it easy and help you understand what is AI.
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What is Machine Learning? – Beginners Edition

Understand easily what is Machine Learning and how does its algorithms works with this article. Understanding ML never been that easy!

Small Data + Unknown Data Distribution = Machine Learning?

There are many examples in daily life where professionnals have small data sets and no known data distribution. Does that mean that they cannot use Machine Learning?
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A short history of Evolutionary Algorithms

Human beings once had a queue like dogs and cats. This trait has disappeared over time. Nowadays, it survives as a slightly more prominent bone at the bottom of the spine for some of us.

AI at my service

MyDataModels designed TADA to make the uses of artificial intelligence available to anyone.
Sorting Algorithms

Multiclass Classification: Sorting Algorithms

We explained here the various metrics used in binary classification, namely: the confusion matrix, Accuracy, Recall, Precision, MCC, F1 score. All these metrics apply to multiclass classification.
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Regression Algorithms: which Machine Learning Metrics?

Are you using Machine Learning to predict continuous values? A house price? The adult height of a child? The petrol price? How do you know the algorithm used performs well? Does it provide a better result than a completely random number? Find out in our article about metrics for regression
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How good is your Machine Learning Algorithm?

Machine learning algorithms can be difficult to understand. Mastering the metrics and results of your models is the best way to measure their performances.
Predictive Machine Learning

How to use Predictive Machine Learning in your Business?

Read this article and go through the power of Predictive Machine Learning and the impact of the small but powerful data on it.
Small Data

What is Small Data, and how can I use it for my company?

The fact that we are surrounded by data lead us to think that it can be used in every field. It’s true, but what is small data and how can I use it for my company?

When Big Data hype is over, what will happen next?

In recent years, data strategy has been focused towards analysis of huge data sets in domains where data are easy to collect. On the other hand, there are domains where generating each data point is very time consuming
Roi Data Analytics

Data Analytics, how can ROI benefit from it?

In these early days of data capture and analysis, “data analytics” can mean a huge number of things, ranging from simple presentation graphs to sophisticated prediction apparatus. From a practical sense, “data analytics” perhaps is best defined as
Automated Machine Learnig

What is Automated Machine Learning?

AutoML focuses mainly on automating repetitive tasks of the Machine Learning process. But what exactly is Automated Machine Learning?