Semi-supervised learning for document classification

Ever wondered whether you could get an exhaustive bibliography automatically? Mikhail Kamalov found innovative means to achieve this. Read about his findings here.
Covid-19 molecule

Deaths and COVID AI

1.13 million deaths due to COVID-19 and still counting. Machine Learning provides surprising insights into death risk factors in COVID-19 patients. Read what our data scientists have found out in this article.
Doctor examining patient's lung

COVID-19 Intubation to fight Respiratory Problems

We hear a lot about intubation lately when discussing patients with COVID-19-related respiratory problems. Yet the procedure isn’t particular to COVID. Some people are too vulnerable to breathe autonomously. For instance, they have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or pneumonia.
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Coronavirus Disease and Intensive Care Unit

While the coronavirus disease travels the world, it becomes essential to find new means to anticipate which patients are likely to enter ICU.
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Coronavirus Predictions
and Covid-19 Infections

Covid-19 vastly remains a terra incognita. Data is therefore essential for insight and new information about coronavirus predictions and infections.
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General Practitioners, COVID-19, and Machine Learning

Among the many lingering issues surrounding the spread of coronavirus and its long-term development is “How to make a correct diagnosis of the disease?”.