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Machine learning is now a common term. Yet it is still hard for domain experts to realize how useful it can be for them. Indeed, Machine Learning, and more specifically Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) have several uses. TADA, our Small Data predictive modeling solution, helps companies without data experts to improve their productivity and decrease their backlog modelling process.

Automated Machine Learning applications are various and come handy it a lot of domains. It is used when there is a need for predictive modeling solutions to solve business issues, increase performance measures or assess marketing efforts. Machine Learning algorithms are used in various fields, from big companies to small businesses, in very distinct areas such as scientific research, disease prediction, supply chain management, industrial process optimization or production quality improvement… It is even used in online sports betting!

TADA, our Small Data treatment solution, makes AutoML accessible to every professional in every domain, quickly and without any coding nor machine learning skills required. Start your free plan now!

Why choose TADA, by MyDataModels?

  • Fast: Generated out of Small Data, TADA models are built in a few hours.
  • Transparent: Powered by easy-to-read formulas, TADA models are explainable and understandable to avoid the black-box syndrome.
  • Competitive: Inspired by evolutionary algorithms, TADA’s engine offers unrivalled performance on Small Data.
  • Easy to implement: TADA models can be run instantly on Cloud infrastructures as well as PCs or Edge infrastructures, without code conversion needed.

MyDataModels offers a competitive edge to our customers that are now able to operate data that are usually considered silent in their fields of expertise.



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