Small Data, the hidden Goldmine within your business

Lots of businesses have small datasets that they cannot value because there is no software able to run them accurately. As a result, data remains silent, inducing a loss of value and competitive edges. These silent assets are Small Data, a concept still difficult to define.

For us, Small Data is useful, easily accessible, and beneficial to many organizations’ levels. It is useful to many domains like healthcare, marketing, industrial production, retail and more. It allows you to anticipate factors in order to save time and money.

MyDataModels solution lets your Small Data talk to give you the opportunity to build predictive models based on your small datasets and deploy hidden valuable assets.Our Small Data treatment solution, TADA helps every domain expert to extract value from its Small Data. It does not require any code nor data science knowledges. Fast and user-friendly, TADA helps users build predictive models quickly and provides them with small, explainable models. TADA can be used directly on a computer, in the Cloud, or on mobile devices. Start your free plan now!

Why choose TADA, by MyDataModels?

  • Fast: Generated out of Small Data, TADA models are built in a few hours.
  • Transparent: Powered by easy-to-read formulas, TADA models are explainable and understandable to avoid the black-box syndrome.
  • Competitive: Inspired by evolutionary algorithms, TADA’s engine offers unrivalled performance on Small Data.
  • Easy to implement: TADA models can be run instantly on Cloud infrastructures as well as PCs or Edge infrastructures, without code conversion needed.

MyDataModels offers a competitive edge to our customers that are now able to operate data that are usually considered silent in their fields of expertise.

MyDataModels, the Small Data predictive modeling company
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