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Machine Learning and Cancer Researchers

How is Machine Learning helping fight cancer? Cancer gathers numerous underlying factors that need to be understood and Machine Learning could be the best tool to do so!

Medical Research is not binary. We cannot analyse the biological data collected in black and white. There are grey areas. Examining biological data with a statistical approach gives good overviews. However, when we want to get insights and correlations, we have to go to a higher mathematical complexity level.

Benefits of using Machine Learning in Cancer Research

Fight against cancer is a three steps process: observational studies, lab research and testing. This white paper gives an overview of the benefits of using Machine Learning in cancer research. The main way to overrule cancer deaths resides in early detection and treatment, which result from our continuous research efforts.

Even with some groundbreaking new treatments, a cure for cancer is still beyond our grasp. Research against cancer is key to help detect and treat the disease better and Machine Learning finds its way into the world of cancer research. Researchers are using it more and more at all stages of their work to make the best possible use of their time and allocated budget. This White Paper draws up an inventory of Machine Learning in cancer research to improve its usage and benefit research progresses.

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