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Experiment our predictive modeling SaaS tool and build a solution able to predict outcomes from the small datasets you thought useless. TADA by MyDataModels, our predictive modeling solution, can be operated by non-data scientists in almost every field of expertise.

TADA can be used by doctors and surgeons to identify, as early as possible, potential risks of sickness. It also can be used in industrial environments to keep equipment up and running and avoid failures. In retail, predictive models are used to identify products that are at risk of backorder in advance and prevent OOS. Sales & marketing departments can run TADA to efficiently predict who might give up on them and engage into corrective actions. Obviously, there are much more fields of expertise that can benefit from predictive models. No matter what area you work in, you can use your small datasets to predict outcomes more efficiently.

TADA by MyDataModels lets you create your own predictive models in few clicks, without any code or data science knowledge needed. Start your free plan now!

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Shift from days to a few hours into building ad running effective models with our 40% reduced time automated data preparation.

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Optimize your time and access to a clear view of explainable & understandable models and made of easy to read formulas.

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Get outcomes from your data with no programming and machine learning skills needed and no training required.

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Achieve unrivalled performances on Small Data thanks to ZGP, our unique mathematical expression engine inspired by evolutionary algorithms.

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Turn your data into insights in a snap on any platform (cloud, desktop, mobile, edge). Create effective automated models with no code conversion needed

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