Quaartz our platform, your operational solution

The platform comes as an operational solution for all the data within the organization.

The Quaartz Pro serves our customers who have already implemented a data lake while Quaartz Enterprise platforms walk them through all the steps of both data management and AI predictions.

The platform’s base has been tailored as per line of business, for instance, with the Quaartz Insights declination for Digital Marketers.

MyDataModels offers BtoB solutions

for the following customers:


Whether your company has an established data storing and cleaning process in place or not, we have products and solutions to help you create value out of your data. Grant access to every professional in your organization to the means to exploit their data, get insights and make better decisions with:


We provide digital vertical solutions to solve very specific problems with easy & accessible products.

For the organizations which already have data management processes in place, get access to an AI-based prediction platform.

For organizations who need data management and analytics.

And coming soon, our Quaartz for Research to share IA.