Quaartz is for Tech Experts

Understand and visualize the hidden patterns in your data in minutes. Experiment and extrapolate out of your data. Get operational results to drive projects.     

Reduce Design Uncertainty

Tech Experts face design decision-making every step of the way. Each decision made induces a risk. Quaartz helps reduce risk and uncertainty in decision-making during the design process.

Experiment Different Design Options in minutes

There are often several solutions to design a system. Gather data about the various solutions, input it in Quaartz, and get measurable results in minutes. Quaartz can evaluate the performance of each option quickly. 

Model your System to Understand Better in a few clicks

Create an accurate model to understand the behavior of the system better. Data describing the system is often unreadable. Model the design and use Quaartz visualization tools to “see” it in action. 

Discover more insights with Quaartz, the Augmented Analytics Platform:

White box modeling

Create a white-box model of your system and see the variables Quaartz elects as critical towards your estimation. 

Generate an Equation-Model to Integrate into Existing Platforms

Quaartz generates a model in the form of an equation written mathematically or in Python, C++, Javascript. Integrate it in minutes in your existing infrastructure.

What-if Analysis

In a few clicks, build scenarios to extrapolate your data. Discover the impact of varying a variable on the predicted result.

Live Predict

Get an interactive visualization of the influence of each feature on the predicted goal. Create several scenarios (simulations).

Share Simulations with your Team

You have tried several scenarios, and one of them hits the goal perfectly. Save your simulations and share them with your team in two clicks.

Getting Started

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