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What is Automated Machine Learning? (AutoML)

Even though AutoML is not a very uncommon name these days, there is no universally agreed definition to it. Basically, Automated Machine Learning is focused on automating repetitive tasks of the machine learning process. Definitely, machine learning is an automated process in itself, but the preparation for the machine learning process requires a data expert […]


How Can ROI Benefit From Data Analytics?

Does Data Analytics Matter? In these early days of data capture and analysis, “data analytics” can mean a huge number of things, ranging from simple presentation graphs to sophisticated prediction apparatus.  From a practical sense, “data analytics” perhaps is best defined as “the ability to derive ROI from information”. How to quantify ROI from information? […]

Press release

MyDataModels raises €1m from Earlybird

MyDataModels raises €1m from Earlybird to make machine learning accessible to non-data scientists MyDataModels provides automated machine learning for small datasets The funding will allow MyDataModels to speed up development and adoption of its new SaaS application Renowned computer scientist Dr Marc Schoenauer joins as a new board member Please download the full version of […]


INRA Predict Workshop

TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) Predictive modeling using small data MyDataModels participated to an INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) PREDICT workshop where the provided dataset was an extract of the TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) database. Dataset addressed an uterus cancer case. It contained four groups of variables, with no missing values. The […]


Geneva University Hospital Blood Cancer Biomarker Analysis and Modeling Case Study

Predictive modeling using small data Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) share many features and both arise from CD5+ B-cells; their distinction is critical as MCL is a more aggressive neoplasm. Thomas Matthes, Professor of Hematology at Geneva University Hospital, and MyDataModels have teamed up to help Professor’s research team in his […]


Predictive Maintenance Case Study

Predict and anticipate maintenance tasks to prevent failures and increase machines uptime This case study is an example of a company that uses many machines to build their final products. As the supply chain is stopped every time a machine breaks, the manager asked a consulting firm to build a predictive model that finds which […]


Supply Chain Management Case Study

Can you predict product backorders? Part backorders is a common supply chain problem. A backorder is a retailer’s order for a part that is temporarily out of stock with the vendor. This case study is about building a predictive model to identify parts at risk of backorder before the event occurs so to have time […]

White paper

MyDataModels – ZGP Engine (Transformative Data Pre-Processing)

Table of Contents Introduction and Forward The Purpose of Data Pre-Processing Human Interpretation Algorithmic Imposed Constraints/Limitations Considerations when Employing Transformative Pre-Processing Imparting attributes of sample composition upon individual records Additional considerations Assessment of predictive models based on transformed data Considerations with respect to MyDataModels ZGP engine Introduction and Forward This document will describe a number […]

White paper

MyDataModels – ZGP Engine (Signal Detection Demonstration)

Signal Detection Demonstration This document seeks to demonstrate the signal detection characteristics of the MyDataModels ZGP modeling engine. A synthetic data set was constructed to illustrate the challenges faced by traditional statistical methods when trying to predict phenomena governed by mathematical relationships. Modeling of the synthetic dataset was performed using the MyDataModels ZGP engine and […]


Genomics Case Study

Biomarkers discovery MyDataModels was used to model and perform feature selection on the NCBI microarray gene expression dataset GSE19429. This dataset contains Affymetrix GeneChip Human Genome V133 Plus 2.0 microarray data representing gene expression levels for 200 samples. These samples consisted of bone marrow tissue obtained from 183 patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and 17 […]