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A simple way to build a predictive model in a few clicks

The good news for non-developers is that it’s possible to build a predictive model without machine learning or coding skills. What is a predictive model? Predictive modeling, also referred to as predictive analytics, is the process that uses a historical dataset to build a mathematical solution with the purpose to predict outcomes from new data. […]


Video interview with Simon Gazikian, CEO and co-founder of MyDataModels

In this interview to La Tribune (Parole d’Experts), Mr. Gazikian talks about data iceberg, differences between Small Data and Big Data, machine learning and why TADA is different from other predictive modeling platforms. Start your 14-day free trial of TADA or learn more about TADA.

Press release

Gemalto: a Global Leader in Digital Security Chooses TADA

Gemalto: a Global Leader in Digital Security Chooses TADA MyDataModels is pleased to announce that Gemalto has chosen TADA, the Automated Machine Learning software platform, to further improve and optimize the efficiency of the qualification and manufacturing process controls used for their products. Please download the full version of the press release in the downloads […]


When Big Data hype is over, what will happen next?

What is the next phase of your data strategy? In recent years, data strategy has been focused towards analysis of huge data sets in domains where data are easy to collect. On the other hand, there are domains where generating each data point is very time consuming or expensive, as a result, they deal with […]


SCS cluster: the six “Innovative SME Digital South” of 2018

This article in other languages: French (original) MyDataModels (Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis) for AI / Big Data; Bynd (Marseille) for “Cybersecurity / Digital Security”; BioceanOr (Valbonne) and Beelife (Aix-en-Provence) for IoT; EasyGaN (Valbonne) for Microelectronics; I-MC (Marseille) for the industry of the future and laboratory and industrial collaboration: the six winners of the contest “Innovative SME Digital […]