TADA and its new packages

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new TADA platform. Each of our packages has been specially designed to meet the expectations of all our users. So, which one will you choose?


From now on, no more concept of Free Trial but a real Free Edition! You can load your datasets, generate and run all your predictive models in a few clicks. In lack of inspiration?

You now have access to:

  • Solutions section in which we put at your disposal datasets which you will be able to test,
  • A larger FAQ section,
  • A new community where you can exchange.

You have no reason to miss out on this!

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Need to move up a gear? Thanks to the Premium version, you will be able to load more datasets (30Mb), create 50 models and scores per day, and you have available a library of use cases as well as datasets, what else? In addition, you benefit from the source code to run your models as well as pre-processing features.

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We move on to serious things with our license for one year from 12 500 €.

The options in addition to the premium:  

  • You will be able to use TADA on cloud and desktop.
  • Load 50mb datasets
  • Create 100 scores and models per day
  • Benefit from Feature reduction
  • Packaging Offers and Packaging PoC Offers
  • Training

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And there, access to unlimited business access, on request!

We move to a multi-user access.

  • Access to private and public cloud and desktop
  • A sharing mode Load datasets in an unlimited way create unlimited templates and scores
  • Variable reduction
  • Datasets and use cases library
  • Technical support
  • Source code to run the models
  • Training … and many other options!

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Do not hesitate to contact us if needed at, your returns are important!

We wish you a nice day!

The MyDataModels team