Optimising the Media Mix for an Advertisement
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Optimising the Media Mix for an Advertisement

The effectiveness of any ad campaign relies on the combination of media chosen and the number of advertisements placed. Quaartz provides a media marketing mix model that helps a company define the optimal media mix for a product advertisement.



Project Duration and Effort

Three days

Type of Prediction


Customer Benefits

  1. Get the best repartition of spend allocation that drives the highest Return On Investment.
  2. Optimise how the channels will perform in the future based on their spend allocation.
  3. Obtain a model’s performance with an R2 of 99% representing the model’s predictive power, i.e., almost perfect prediction is available.

Problem to solve

Discovering where and how conversions are happening is essential for measuring the performance of your media channels. Predictive modelling is a data analytics solution that allows a business to assess their marketing budget over various channels. It explains how investments in multiple components contribute to revenue.
With the appropriate media mix model, a business can use its past marketing performance to increase future ROI by optimising the channel’s media budget allocation.

We use a dataset, including the following elements in our tool quaartz:

  • Number of sales,
  • Investment in TV advertising,
  • Investment in digital advertising,
  • Investment in radio advertising,
  • Investment in newspapers advertising,
  • Investment in magazines advertising,
  • Out of home advertising,
  • Month,
  • Year,
  • Day,
  • Season.


In the fast-evolving digital media spectrum, the conventional techniques applied to investigate marketing’s results are no longer the best. We step on the cusp of a media metamorphosis. Media will become more targeted and personalised. Marketers need to adjust to this fact: to grow their business, they need tools to find the perfect media mix.


  • Measure the impact of advertisement spending across each media channel.
  • Drive the spend allocation mix to optimise revenue.
  • Provide an accurate revenue prediction.


This challenge raises the following marketing question:

Can the marketing media mix be fine-tuned to improve ROI?


Based on the dataset described earlier, we asked Quaartz to predict the sales figures depending on the media marketing mix. Quaartz predictive models result in a 99% R2 and a 3% MAPE. It means that the predictive models are very accurate.

Quaartz has selected the following four main criteria out of the eleven available in the dataset as being relevant and essential for the prediction, with various relative weights:

  1. The investment in TV advertising, with a weight of 32% in Quaartz’ decision,
  2. The investment in radio advertising, with a weight of 27% in Quaartz’ decision,
  3. The investment in digital advertising, with a weight of 27% in Quaartz’ decision,
  4. The investment in magazine advertising, with a weight of 14% in Quaartz’ decision.

For this specific campaign, Quaartz shows that investing in TV advertising is worth it, up to a plateau. It also shows that, in this case, the date chosen for the advertisement does not have a significant impact on the revenue generated.

Customer Benefits

In three days, the advertising team achieved to:

  • Find the right mix of spend allocation that drives the highest ROI.
  • With Build an almost perfect model with an R2 of 99% representing the model’s predictive power, an almost ideal prediction is available.