TADA is for Business Experts

Unleash the full revenue potential of your organization by exploiting your data. Identify opportunities for growth, optimization and success in a few clicks. Understand the bottlenecks in your business and fix them. 

Exploit your data to create adhoc business analytics

TADA learns from a few hundred historical records and predicts the future. Consider the benefits of making decisions when you know the most likely future events. That’s what TADA brings you.

Automate tedious tasks, gain time

Machine Learning enables the automation of some business tasks or sequence of tasks. Automate credit scoring for instance and free some time to grow your business stronger.

See the hidden dependencies and benefit from them

TADA can unveil the hidden dependencies in your data. Does TADA tell you that most customers commit on Fridays? Optimize your sales team accordingly to make customer appointments on Fridays.

Discover more insights with TADA, the Augmented Analytics Platform:

Classifying Data

With a heterogeneous dataset representing various customers, TADA can classify the customers into groups, thus providing a segmentation.

Sensitivity Analysis

TADA provides the criteria used to classify or estimate the results. These criteria give great insight into the data. Is one of the criteria the age of the customers? Or where they live? Learn from your data and adapt your business strategy accordingly.

Live Predict

The Live Predict feature allows Business Experts to make a variable in the dataset take other values and see the impact on the result.

Multiple Models

Why settle for less? TADA enables the generation of multiple models and select the most accurate one. Just click and generate a new model.

Global Score

Once several models have been generated, it is not easy for the data science layman to understand which model is performing better. TADA has defined a “Global Score” which is a combo of the various metrics available in data science. It is a summary of the model’s performance.

Getting Started

AI at my service

MyDataModels designed TADA to make the uses of artificial intelligence available to anyone.
predictive model

A simple way to build a predictive model in a few clicks

Predictive modeling, also referred to as predictive analytics, is the process that uses a historical dataset to build a mathematical solution with the purpose to predict outcomes from new data.