How to prepare a Dataset?

a woman is working on a dataset

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning became key technologies for professionals and organizations to master, to stay in the game and ahead of the competition.

We’ll be at the AI Paris event!

AI Paris event

MyDataModels will take part in AI Paris! The event offers a complete overview of opportunities and AI technologies during two days of exposure, strategic conferences, use cases, workshops, and appointments.
Also, our CEO and co-founder will be speaking on June 12 at 10 am

When Big Data hype is over, what will happen next?


In recent years, data strategy has been focused towards analysis of huge data sets in domains where data are easy to collect. On the other hand, there are domains where generating each data point is very time consuming

Data Analytics, how can ROI benefit from it?

Roi Data Analytics

In these early days of data capture and analysis, “data analytics” can mean a huge number of things, ranging from simple presentation graphs to sophisticated prediction apparatus. From a practical sense, “data analytics” perhaps is best defined as