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Big Data fascinates many of us. It has become the new gold rush for the Web giants (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and others). 

Why? By collecting and exploiting billions of data in real-time, it is possible to predict the future, customer behaviours, trends, and a lot more in massive data centres. It is called predictive modelling.

However, while imposing itself, Big Data has overshadowed its close relative: Small Data, even if the potential for Small Data is probably more important. We are talking here of all the data sets produced daily by millions of professionals, researchers, engineers—essential information for our future. 

Today, “80% of the data collected are Small Data, and 80% are not processed”, that’s how MyDataModels was born to address the Small Data segment.

Simplicity and Interpretability

MyDataModels has developed a software platform, TADA, that combines the tools provided by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Tableau, the data visualization tool, served as a model for TADA. Tableau helps millions of Excel users to visualise efficiently the Data they have collected. It empowers Excel users with enhanced features. 

TADA follows in Tableau’s footsteps, as it allows millions of Excel users to extract real value from their data stored in Excel. Excel is a great product to collect, clean, manipulate, store data. It is the job of TADA to provide predictive modelling. TADA borrows from Machine Learning its ability to learn from historical data stored in Excel files. Deliver an Excel file to TADA; it will automatically generate the associated predictive models in four clicks. 

MyDataModels allows all professionals using Excel to boost their performance and make better decisions helped by data science. TADA is for everyone as it was designed with ease of use and interpretability of results.

Any professional with no AI skills can easily use it, regardless of their areas of expertise, and create value right away. 

How? TADA can help doctors identify malignant breast cells in a tumour and diagnose cancer. TADA can predict when and where a production line will have to stop due to a breakdown, thus save millions of dollars by preventing the breakdown.

This scenario is applicable in every sector of activity. Small Data is everywhere. 

A journey towards accessibility

We started working on TADA predictive modelling engine in 2012. TADA is scientifically approved and is patented. MyDataModels was incorporated in early 2018 and has since followed its founders’ vision: provide a simple tool to build interpretable predictive models from Small Data stored in Excel files. 

But technology is not enough. We have decided to make our tool TADA accessible to every professional through a SaaS platform at an affordable price: 80 euros per month per user. 



Excel® is a Microsoft® registered trademark. Tableau and Tableau Software are registered trademarks of Tableau Software, Inc.

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