How to use Predictive Machine Learning in your Business?

Machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence – by now it is safe to say that these terms are more than just short-term trending topics. Tools based on machine learning (ML) technologies are here to stay and they might even revolutionize whole divisions.  The progress in hardware technology and thus an increase in available computing power […]

White paper

MyDataModels – ZGP Engine (Transformative Data Pre-Processing)

Table of Contents Introduction and Forward The Purpose of Data Pre-Processing Human Interpretation Algorithmic Imposed Constraints/Limitations Considerations when Employing Transformative Pre-Processing Imparting attributes of sample composition upon individual records Additional considerations Assessment of predictive models based on transformed data Considerations with respect to MyDataModels ZGP engine Introduction and Forward This document will describe a number […]


How to prepare a dataset?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning became, in a few years, key technologies for professionals and organizations to master, to stay in the game and ahead of the competition. Organizations are starting to invest heavily in machine learning, and we already see highly positive results. What is a dataset in machine learning? In simple words, a […]