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Create best-in-class Machine Learning Models running on any set of Small Data, on any device and take your business a step ahead.

Build high-quality Machine Learning models in minutes​

Companies have a lot of Small Data sets in-house. Using this data offers major business potential, but it is difficult to use traditional machine learning on them. 
TADA can work with small datasets and provide reliable predictions and classifications.

Get transparent, accountable and fair results from your Small Datasets

Based on your small datasets, TADA models runs with no hidden code and generate best-in-class, accountable and transparent models.

Have Machine Learning models running everywhere

Machines generate numerous Small datasets. Using embedded AutoML to enhance hardware systems with some prediction capabilities opens up a wide range of new services and efficiency.

Small DataBig Outcomes

Industries, researchers, equipment manufacturers or smart cities, collect Small Data from multiple sources and devices. Such Small Data are strategic and core information for company’s business development.
Today, MyDataModels is the only company that enables efficient Machine Learning on Small Data.

Explore the benefits of Small Data predictive modeling for a wide range of industries through inspiring experiences and find the use case that matches your business challenges

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Coronavirus Disease and Intensive Care Unit

While the coronavirus disease travels the world, it becomes essential to find new means to anticipate which patients are likely to enter ICU. ...
MyDataModels at the AIParis 2020
September 14, 2020
Paris - Palais des congrès

Save the date! MyDataModels will be at AI PARIS 2020.

We'll be at the AI Paris from September 14th and 15th! We will demonstrate the whole TADA product line and its possibilities to enhance your business....
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Coronavirus Predictions
and Covid-19 Infections

Covid-19 vastly remains a terra incognita. Data is therefore essential for insight and new information about coronavirus predictions and infections. Machine Learning is vital for making coronavirus predictions and establishing who the likely target of the virus is....
HDS accreditation

MyDataModels Security Overview: the Impenetrable Fortress

MyDataModels security and data hosting are created with industry-standard security technologies. We apply stringent procedures to guard your information by choosing privacy-safeguarding technologies like end-to-end encryption for your data....