We democratize AI
and make it simple


We help organizations and their employees to make actual use of their data by:


A unique technology performant on all the data available in any organization


Results interpretable and understandable


A declination of our tool for each line of business with measurable performance gains


A strong expertise in consulting to industrialise scalable and efficient products and solutions.

We provide a recognized technology solution

Awards of partnership programs


Allianz Accelerator Winter Batch #5 – MyDataModels was accelerated over 5 months.


AI Centech – MyDataModels was accelerated over 6 months.

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Member of Les Excellence – Growth Path 2021 distinction.



Laureate of the 21st edition of the i-Lab competition.


Demonstration of an intelligent system for monitoring underwater approaches to sensitive coastal areas.


Solutions for Post Covid-19- Next High-Impact Human Pandemic ».

Innovation projects

Medical Research

CARES Project
Clinical research on COVID 19

Security and Defense

Classification and detection of underwater threats with THALES. Project displayed at ‘Assises de la mer Septembre 2021’

Industry and Spatial

Prototype and AI model embedded into a satellite in collaboration with CIAR. Treatment and detection of satellite images.

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Boosting Lead Qualification with Prediction

On average, the cost of one lead is $198 in 2020. The better the lead qualification, the higher the chances of closing with the customer and generating revenue from these $198 invested. ...