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The Automated Machine Learning Company

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MyDataModels automates predictive model generation and deployment.

By automating the entire modelling lifecycle, users can quickly and easily build high accuracy, predictive models. 

Deploying models for predictions can now be done with a few mouse-clicks.  The platform creates compact models that optimizes the speed and scalability of modeling and can be operated with a standard laptop. Users can generate a complex predictive model in just a few minutes, and major projects that previously took weeks or months to complete can be finished in hours.

Our specific expertise is in Small Data, the most common type of data, and is used to generate compact models in all IoT-enabled industries (where sensors or handheld devices are used), as well as in both the public and private medical and scientific research, where datasets contain tens of thousands variables.

With a one click data-in model-out service, we generate high performance models from Small Data (less than 100 rows) to Big Data (1M+ rows).

Domain-expert users can build predictive models without coding or Machine Learning skills. Data scientists can also leverage the platform to increase their overall work performance and efficiency.


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