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Build and run predictive models in few clicks.
We created TADA, the automated machine learning solution every professional can use.


Just model it!

TADA, the fully automated solution, data-in model-out service


Time to build and run models reduced to minutes/hours vs days/weeks

Easy to use

No programming and machine learning skills needed, no training required. Data preparation reduced on average by 40%


Unrivalled performance on Small Data thanks to our unique mathematical expression engine inspired by evolutionary algorithms

Easy to implement

Once built and selected, run models immediately on any platform (cloud, desktop, mobile, edge), no code conversion needed


From 149€/month/user


We deliver explainable & understandable models made of easy to read formulas. No black box

A solution for all experts

TADA makes machine learning accessible to everyone. Now you can build and run models in few clicks from Small Data.

You work with data to give it meaning, optimize a process, make predictions or find insights.

You understand your data but you have no coding or machine learning skills.

You are looking for a solution that gives you an artificial intelligence power.

You need an easy-to-use tool to automatically build and run predictive models.


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You are a data scientist, chief data officer, data analyst, business intelligence manager, …

You eat data for breakfast, you are skilled in mathematics, statistics and computer science. Part of your job is to build predictive models, train them to get results as accurate as possible.

Your added value is in analyzing results and giving recommendations, it’s not in coding or data crunching. You can benefit from automated machine learning to minimize these tedious and repetitive tasks.

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