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You have two choices. You can start either from one of our use cases by clicking on “create from use case”, or from your own dataset by clicking on “create new project”.

In this case, we created a project from our own data set. To do this, select the file you want to load. Your data will then be visible for you to browse.

TADA, is an Augmented Analytics solution, that can be used for solving a wide range of problems. See below our case studies:

breast cancer

Breast Cancer Prediction for Improved Diagnosis

Is it possible, thanks to machine learning, to improve breast cancer prediction? Oncologists and medical staff face the challenge of identifying breast cancer as early as possible and TADA makes it possible....
Doctor making research on Covid-19

Patients at risk of COVID-19 infection?

Discover how our AI-Driven platform helped general practitioners distinguishing essential symptoms to recognize COVID-19 infection...
Landing helicopter

TADA predicts which material will be fire-resistant for helicopters passenger compartment

Can we predict which components to use with precision, in which proportions to create a new fire-resistant material, in a few days? ...
Doctor talking with a patient

Diagnose Uterus Cancer based on genes

Can we predict with precision which women are, or are going to be, sick with uterus cancer? Discover how TADA helps diagnose Uterus Cancer...

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