Customer Services

Churn Prediction

Improving Customer Retention with Churn prediction Predictive churn achieves three goals: understanding the key factors of customers attrition, identifying customers most at risk of leaving, and [...]

Direct Marketing



Quality prediction

Quality can be seen as the outcome of a complex process implying many components. By analyzing these components (or variables) and understanding the impact of each of them in the final outcome, [...]

Failure prediction

Models of equipment failures are based on data referencing observations of past machine runs and failures. We can use Machine Learning approaches to model current situations so that we can [...]


Heart diseases prediction

Medicine has always been using the latest technology to improve care quality for its patients. Today machine learning can be used to help doctors with diagnostics. Using predictive models can [...]

Breast cancer prediction

One of the main Machine Learning applications in healthcare is the identification and diagnosis of diseases which are considered hard-to-diagnose. This includes anything from cancers, which are [...]


Fraud Detection

Financial fraud amounts for considerable money. Hackers and crooks around the world are always looking for new ways of committing financial fraud every day.Relying exclusively on rule-based, [...]