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News: November 27 – 29th 2018
MyDataModels is participating to TRUSTECH, the leading event for Digital Trust Technologies.
Simon Gazikian will be a key speaker on November 29th.

INRA challenge Case Study
MyDataModels participated to an INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) PREDICT workshop where the provided dataset was an extract of the TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) database. Dataset addressed an uterus cancer case.

News: October 16th 2018
Visit the MyDataModels booth at the IoT Solution World Congress in Barcelona from Oct 16th / 18th
Simon Gazikian will be there to demo our technology

News: October 9th 2018
MyDataModels was a guest speaker at the PREDICT Psay-CompBio workshop on the Deep Learning & Genomics topics. The event took place in Versailles at INRA on October 9th.

Small Data Machine Learning – (European Society of Cardiology Congress, August 28th 2018)
MyDataModels CEO Simon Gazikian explains at the 2018 European Society of Cardiology Congress, how Small Data Machine Learning not only helps cardiologists to undertake automated prediction for heart-related diseases, but also how Small Data Machine Learning has wider applications in the medical, research and many other industry sectors as well.

Genomics Case Study
MyDataModels was used to model and perform feature selection on the NCBI microarray gene expression dataset GSE19429

Geneva University Hospital blood cancer biomarker analysis and modeling Case Study
Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) share many features and both arise from CD5+ B-cells; their distinction is critical as MCL is a more aggressive neoplasm.

Predictive Maintenance Case Study
As the supply chain is stopped every time a machine breaks, the manager asked a consulting firm to build a predictive model that finds which machine is going to break next and why.

Supply Chain Management Case Study
Part backorders is a common supply chain problem. A backorder is a retailer’s order for a part that is temporarily out of stock with the vendor.

ZGP Engine – Signal Detection Demonstration
This document seeks to demonstrate the signal detection characteristics of the MyDataModels ZGP modeling engine. A synthetic data set was constructed to illustrate the challenges faced by traditional statistical methods when trying to predict phenomena governed by mathematical relationships. Modeling of the synthetic dataset was performed using the MyDataModels ZGP engine and a number of other popular modeling techniques.

ZGP Engine – Transformative Data Pre-processing
This document will describe a number of factors which should be addressed when considering a data pre-processing strategy as part of an analytic pipeline. The primary emphasis will be on the factors of relevance to the application of machine learning algorithms.

ZGP Engine – Design Objectives And Considerations
This document serves to describe the design objectives for the ZGP modeling engine. The ZGP engine was designed to overcome a number of challenges faced in the implementation of other evolutionary algorithms.

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