Predictive Modeling is key to make challenges successful

Whatever your domain, TADA transforms automatically your Small Data with real competitive advantage.

Forecast air pollution thanks to Machine Learning

How to predict carbon monoxide pollution and protect the people? Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas which is noxious when inhaled in large quantities. Car traffic and fossil fuels such as gas or petrol are the main producers of carbon monoxide which can also be caused by leaking fireplaces or badly ventilated heating systems. Breathing air with a high concentration of carbon monoxide reduces the quantity of oxygen that the blood [...]

Pathology prediction for patient orientation

How can AI help pathology identification and improve patient treatment? As patients’ number increases, health care professionals have less and less time to determine what pathology they suffer, which means that medical error risk increases. Using Artificial Intelligence to build predictive models out of their existing data could help health institutions to better identify their patients’ pathologies and take better care all along their [...]

Energy production optimization

How can predictive models optimize energy production? Combined cycle electric plants rely on combining different elements that are based on various components such as boilers, gas and steam turbines or energy recovery systems. These plants work on a seasonal basis and are quick to build. They have the potential to become a reliable energy source for energy production diversification. Since their technical construction is very flexible, [...]

Energy Efficiency Prediction for cooling & heating load

Machine Learning helps architects improve buildings energetic efficiency. Humanity growth and accelerating urbanization result, among other consequences, in the uninterrupted construction of new buildings such as houses, offices or plants. These buildings entail new energy consumption to guarantee the best temperature possible and limit their energetic impact on the environment. Good materials are key, but it is also essential to correctly [...]

Spam detection with Machine Learning

Machine Learning can help us detect spams and classify our e-mails. Our professional inboxes are stuffed with e-mails: conversations with our colleagues, negotiations with third-party professionals but also newsletters or spams are the daily bread of millions of people all around the world. This never-ending flow of information must be classified according to its importance, its emergency and other factors. Such tasks are very time-consuming [...]

Used car price prediction

Thanks to price prediction, car fleet managers can increase their profits and reduce their losses. Within an organization, car fleet managers must make sure that their cars work well and are properly used. They also manage the financial side of their activity by selling used cars, buying new ones or getting the right insurance policies. Car price is key to these topics. Indeed, car fleet managers must control their costs by buying and [...]