Predictive Modeling is key to make challenges successful

Whatever your domain, TADA transforms automatically your Small Data with real competitive advantage.

Quality prediction

Quality can be seen as the outcome of a complex process implying many components. By analyzing these components (or variables) and understanding the impact of each of them in the final outcome, professionals can predict the quality of a product or service. This case study is about building a model to predict the quality of a red wine depending on several variables. Problems to solve How to predict, early in the production process, the [...]

Heart diseases prediction

Medicine has always been using the latest technology to improve care quality for its patients. Today machine learning can be used to help doctors with diagnostics. Using predictive models can save precious time to doctors in heart diseases prediction.   Problems to solve How to predict if a patient is likely to have heart diseases depending on known variables such as his/her age, sex, blood pressure, electrocardiographic results, max heart [...]

Marketing campaign performance prediction

Marketing spends millions in campaigns and it is difficult to predict any ROI. Digital Marketing now allows experts to collect large amounts of data which can be analyzed to make actionable decisions to optimize the ROI of Marketing campaigns. This case study is about building a predictive model to identify prospects who will subscribe or not to a bank term deposit after a direct Marketing campaign.   Problems to solve How to assess the [...]

Back Order Prediction

Machine learning: A solution to backorder problems and inventory optimisation. Backorders are a common supply chain problem. For any business, the worst scenario is getting out of product inventory when customers are ready to buy your product. Keeping an inventory of every item is another burden for every business. This case study is about building a predictive model to identify items at risk of backorder before the event occurs so to have [...]

Fraud Detection

Financial fraud amounts for considerable money. Hackers and crooks around the world are always looking for new ways of committing financial fraud every day. Relying exclusively on rule-based, conventionally programmed systems for detecting financial fraud does not provide the appropriate response time. This is where Machine Learning brings a unique solution for this type of problem. This case study is about building a predictive model to [...]

Churn Prediction

Improving Customer Retention with Churn prediction. Predictive churn modelling achieves three goals: understanding the key factors of customers attrition, identifying customers most at risk of leaving, and providing targeted insights on which retention actions should be implemented. Churn rate is an important business metric as it reflects customer response to service, pricing, competition... As such, measuring churn, understanding the [...]