DevOps/Back-End Developer

We are looking for a DevOps (with a strong backend affinity) who will be a development team member of Backend products.

The company

MyDataModels is a France-based software company developing a fully automated Machine Learning service platform. Any user of our platform can generate his own predictive models with no knowledge of programming and Machine Learning. He only needs to know his data and the problem he wants to solve.

The current MyDataModels software components are:

1. Our ZGP mathematical expression engine (Zoetrope Genetic Programming)

  • Latest innovation resulting from over a decade of expertise and market study in analytical software development, machine learning and data analytics
  • Based on a novel and unique proprietary algorithms. Inspired by evolutionary algorithms, they are fundamentally different from other published modern techniques
  • Built to work on dataset sizes from small to large
  • The engine is developed in C++

2. A desktop application powered by ZGP and developed in C++

This front end application runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux

3. A Cloud platform made of Front End, Back End and Web Services

It exposes ZGP engine functionalities,  allowing engine utilization in a cloud environment as a service

The Position

  • We are looking for a DevOps (with a strong backend affinity) who will be a development team member of Backend products.
  • You will be involved in the development of Product Roadmap with the Product Owner and the associated Product Marketing team. You will also work closely with the development team in charge of the ZGP Engine product and the Frontend team.
    You have a pronounced taste for technical challenges and resolution of complex problems. You are autonomous and you will be able to develop desired innovations.
  • You have strong knowledge in Kubernetes based infrastructures and HELM tools, AWS has no secret for you and the terms CI and CD make sense for you.
  • You want to join a challenging technical environment: AWS, RestFul API, Scala, Docker, Kubernetes, Micro-services, Continuous Integration, Agile, Unit Test, …
  • You have a perfect command of English.
  • You are open, empathic and know how to work in a team, including with non-developers.
  • You will join MyDataModels project from its origin and will participate in a rewarding entrepreneurial adventure.
    We work with a lean, startup mindset and are all entrepreneurs at heart!


  • Graduate from an engineering or university school, with a specialization in software development.

  • Infrastructure: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Dedicated Servers
  • Use of GitLab
  • Fluent in English
  • AGILE methodology


Language/Framework: Scala (actor model)
helm, microservices

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