Pathology prediction for patient orientation

How can AI help pathology identification and improve patient treatment? As patients’ number increases, health care professionals have less and less time to determine what pathology they suffer, which means that medical error risk increases. Using Artificial Intelligence to build predictive models out of their existing data could help health institutions to better identify their patients’ pathologies and take better care all along their [...]

Used car price prediction

Thanks to price prediction, car fleet managers can increase their profits and reduce their losses. Within an organization, car fleet managers must make sure that their cars work well and are properly used. They also manage the financial side of their activity by selling used cars, buying new ones or getting the right insurance policies. Car price is key to these topics. Indeed, car fleet managers must control their costs by buying and [...]

Flight delay predictions

How can we predict a flight arrival time and optimize an airport activity? We all experienced flight delays. As a passenger, delays make our journeys longer and try our nerves, but they also have an impact on numerous activities of an airport: restaurants, luggage handling, refueling, technical checks, etc. Existing data on flight delays in an airport can be used by Machine learning to build predictive models. The latter can be used to [...]

Quality prediction

Quality can be seen as the outcome of a complex process implying many components. By analyzing these components (or variables) and understanding the impact of each of them in the final outcome, professionals can predict the quality of a product or service. This case study is about building a model to predict the quality of a red wine depending on several variables Problems to solve How to predict, early in the production process, the [...]

Failure prediction

Models of equipment failures are based on data referencing observations of past machine runs and failures. We can use Machine Learning approaches to model current situations so that we can predict and anticipate machine failures and schedule maintenance preemptively. Problems to solve How to detect when a machine is going to break?  How to anticipate maintenance and prevent downtime? How to move from preventive to predictive [...]