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Use Cases

MyDataModels enables all industries to access the power of AI-Driven Analytics. Explore our Use Cases and discover how MyDataModels solutions can solve your business issues.

Breast Cancer Prediction for Improved Diagnosis

Breast cancer prediction is a diagnosis help tool. Oncologists and medical staff face the challenge of identifying breast cancer as soon as possible.

Customer recommendation: key drivers identification

The world of ISPs is highly competitive. Customers trust, above all else, other customers’ recommendations.

Retaining Customers: Churn Prediction

Anytime a client cuts ties, you encounter the negative consequence of customer churn. While some churn is a natural component of any company, a vast churn rate can cripple any organization's growth.

Boosting Lead Qualification with Prediction

On average, the cost of one lead is $198 in 2020. The better the lead qualification, the higher the chances of closing with the customer and generating revenue from these $198 invested.