AI's and ML's usages are growing in healthcare, particularly in diagnostics and treatment surveillance. Ongoing progresses show that supervised learning aids in clinical decisions.  Predictive modeling supports human judgment without the need to step into big data. With small sample sizes, as is often the case with medical data, predicting the future and increasing treatment efficiency is possible. Indeed, learning algorithms can perform well on the typical small medical data set.
AI in healthcare
With cardiovascular, neurological disorders, and cancer consistently being the top causes of death, it is imperative to create forecast models. Their goal is to help anticipate future outcomes with greater accuracy. Data science is employed to assist in early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Implementing artificial intelligence in healthcare gives early detection benefits by pinpointing any danger signals a patient may have.
breast cancer

Breast Cancer Prediction for Improved Diagnosis

Is it possible, thanks to machine learning, to improve breast cancer prediction? Oncologists and medical staff face the challenge of identifying breast cancer as early as possible and TADA makes it possible....
Doctor making research on Covid-19

Patients at risk of COVID-19 infection?

Discover how our AI-Driven platform helped general practitioners distinguishing essential symptoms to recognize COVID-19 infection...
Doctor talking with a patient

Diagnose Uterus Cancer based on genes

Can we predict with precision which women are, or are going to be, sick with uterus cancer? Discover how TADA helps diagnose Uterus Cancer...
Scientist looking at Covid-19

COVID-19 Deaths and Severe Forms of the Disease

What if we could distinguish the SARS-CoV-2 patients at risk of intubation or COVID-19 death from the others right away? The question is whether underlying health conditions and patient characteristics increase the chance that a person with SARS-CoV-2...

Evaluating COVID-19 treatments

Does hydroxychloroquine work as a COVID-19 treatment, or is it a mere placebo? What about other COVID-19 medications, Nicotine, Azithromycin, Interferon, Remdesivir? Machine Learning can help appraise the efficacy of these drugs in fighting COVID-19....
Covid 19 detection

COVID-19 Symptoms Questionnaire

Is a single symptom, among the variety of known COVID-19 symptoms, sufficient to diagnose the disease? COVID-19 is known to take the patients through varied symptoms. It is not clear yet medically whether some are more significant than others....

Pathology prediction for patient orientation

What if it was possible to help Emergency Call Centers Professionals to make a quick diagnosis based on a few questions, thanks to a machine learning tool? Could we help doctors and nurses diminish their diagnosis time?...
cardiovascular disease prediction

Cardiovascular Disease Prediction

How could a general practitioner evaluate the risk of one of his patients having a heart attack within the next 24 hours?...