Why TADA®?

Analyze your data. Get practical insights. Improve your performance.

You are interested in extracting critical information from your dataset, i.e., from a few hundred records to ten of thousands. TADA® can assist you in uncover the invisible information in your data and make it straightforward for you, whether you’re an expert in your domain without data science training or not. 

Our AI-Driven Analytics Platform already helped:

  • researchers find a reliable way to predict uterus cancer based on 4 genes out of 53000+, read more
  • general practitioners recognize COVID-19 infected patients with 80% accuracy after learning from less than a hundred records, read more
  • a helicopter industry leader determine which components to integrate into a material to make it fire resistant with an 80% accuracy read more
small Datasets

“TADA is Artificial Intelligence for non-techie: it requires no coding skills whatsoever!”

What is unique about TADA®:

When the customer enters its data, TADA creates 1000’s models, not one. It uses a patented modeling engine based on genetic algorithms to determine the best Machine Learning models autonomously, tests them, and automatically picks the best performing one after a series of iterations.

With its capability to spot three to seven variables that can model the problem, TADA performs automated variable reduction. 

TADA models are simple mathematical expressions, readable, interpretable, which facilitate easy what-if hypotheses. In other words, our models are fully transparent, with no hidden elements, no external libraries; what you see is what you get: the parameters, the constants, the operators. Our models are versatile among a wide variety of data hence use cases. 

Bringing AI in the hands of everyone

At MyDataModels, we believe that machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence blend smoothly in everyday life. We believe in building trust between humans and AI by ensuring that technology is transparent and serves humans.

We think that the most advanced artificial intelligence should be available for everyone to use instead of only for experts in data sciences. Machine learning must be readily approachable and give a direct benefit to anyone autonomously.

Therefore, we consider it is our responsibility to take care of AI algorithms’ complicated machinery to releave our users this burden and let them enjoy the result to solve their day-to-day problems.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science must be open and explainable to empower all users. Our users can understand and extract value of their data, take action and increase their performance.

Take your AI path to performance

Test easily TADA with our test data here:

Customers Use Cases

Breast Cancer Prediction for Improved Diagnosis

Breast cancer prediction is a diagnosis help tool. Oncologists and medical staff face the challenge of identifying breast cancer as soon as possible. ...

Customer recommendation: key drivers identification

The world of ISPs is highly competitive. Customers trust, above all else, other customers’ recommendations. ...

Retaining Customers: Churn Prediction

Anytime a client cuts ties, you encounter the negative consequence of customer churn. While some churn is a natural component of any company, a vast churn rate can cripple any organization's growth. ...