What is TADA?

First time with TADA?

TADA is a powerful Artificial Intelligence software—but it might be pretty intimidating. That’s the reason why we’ve built this beginner’s guide to getting started with TADA. It will take you, step by step, from the very beginning by gathering, entering, and working with data. It will show you how to use Machine Learning onto this data easily, and finish with saving and sharing.

It’s everything you need to know to get started with TADA.

Who has data?

Professionals create new data every single day, knowingly or not. Digital marketers make data when launching a new Google Ads:

  • Number of displays of the Ad
  • Number of click-throughs
  • Number of registrations
  • Number of purchases
  • Revenue generated
  • Cost of the campaign
  • ROI 

A baker has data about the number of bread loaves it sells every day, on average 1000 in a typical French bakery. He has data about the margin he makes on each loaf, approximately 70%. To calculate this margin, he gathers data about labor costs and the cost of raw materials he uses.

A household has data about its income, the cost of facilities, food, transportation for the family. It has data about the cost of school, the cost of clothes, the number of family members, their age.

I have data, and so what?

We all make decisions based on our data. Harnessing your data will give you and your company the ability to make smarter, data-driven decisions. It will happen in a small fraction of the time it would traditionally take. 

What can TADA do for me?

TADA Machine Learning program can also perform calculations on your data without your entering a single formula. For instance, let’s take your household budget over the past five years. It is probably in the form of a spreadsheet with a row for each utility: one row for electricity, one row for water, and a column for each year. The last column is the sum of all the bills.

You can enter this spreadsheet with the past five years information in TADA and say to TADA that you are interested in monitoring your total budget. Then, when this years’ utility bills come in, you can enter them in TADA, and TADA will calculate the total spending automatically, without your entering a single formula. TADA learns automatically from your past data.

But there are more exciting things to do with TADA. You have entered your electricity bills from the past five years, including the electricity consumption. You can tell TADA that the number one figure you want to monitor is the cost of electricity. TADA will automatically, without your intervention, learn from the past electricity figures. It will use its Machine Learning abilities to guess what is going to be your consumption this year.

So what is TADA?

TADA is a Machine Learning software that we use for organizing, and manipulating data. It can learn from previous data and make guesses (based on its Machine Learning capabilities) about the future values of your data. 

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